Acnezine Review – The Pros And Cons Exposed

Product's Name: Acnezine
Made By Revitol
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100% Natural
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Bottom Line : 4 /5 - Good
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Reviewed by: Lesa Mitchell on February 4, 2013

Acnezine is being made by Revitol company. Revitol is well known skin care brand that produces top products.

If you would like to know more about ingredients, advantages and disadvantages, please check out review that you see below.

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    Acne remains a very difficult condition for many people to endure. I realize that some have been struggling with the condition for some time. This is why I decided to put a little time and effort into crafting a Acnezine review page.

    Actually, there is another reason why I made this page. Basically, there are so many different acne products on the market it is hard to tell the good from the the bad. And seriously, you do not want to see your money wasted on a bad acne product.

    To throw your money away on a flawed acne cream means your acne won’t go away.

    Acnezine is a reliable product. For those looking for a means of treating stubborn acne, this product could be one of the best one to try.


    A Total Treatment

    One reason this particular acne product stands apart is because it is a “total acne skin treatment” and not another in a long line of similar over the counter (OTC) releases. Acnezine is made by Revitol and this contributes to its effectiveness.

    Revitol is a solid name in the beauty industry and this new release under its clear skin product line is a welcome one.

    Whether you are dealing with acne on the face or on the body, Acnezine can target it and contribute to clearing it up. Pimples, blackheads and blemishes can all be effectively treated with this multifaceted anti-acne treatment.

    For those that have been trying to rid their skin of acne for some time will find it worth the time and money investment.

    Regular use of this treatment is recommended. You will not find great results deriving from inconsistent use. You do have to perform your part in order to really see any results.


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    The Two-Pronged Approach To Treatment

    There are two components to this treatment. The first is an oral capsule supplement and the other is a topical skin cream. Most acne treatments are exclusively topical. The presence of a two-pronged treatment definitely helps Acnezine stand out from a crowd of skin clearing products.

    The capsule form of the treatment acts as an antioxidant. That means it fights some of the less than healthy free radicals which may be contributing to your acne condition. Often, nutritional supplements such as this are overlooked.

    That is unfortunate because dietary supplements can aid in dealing with acne effectively.

    The topical skin cream that comprises the other half of Acnezine is definitely helpful as well. The cream is to be applied to the troubled areas of the skin one to three times a day. (Beware of too many applications drying out the skin) Over time, the cream should be able to effectively curtail the acne breakouts you may be suffering from.



    Upon reading this Acnezine review, many will be surprised to notice all the many different unique ingredients which are part of the c apsulesupplement.This certainly will prove appealing to those that would prefer to stay away from the troubling processed ingredients found in many other treatments.

    The capsules are comprised of:

      • B vitamins
      • Vitamin E
      • Aloe Vera
      • Collagen Type II
      • And Ester C among others.

    The topical cream is also comprised of mainly of the anti-acne ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide. 5% of the product is comprised of it.


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    Media Reports

    CNN has noted this treatment has some value to it. Thanks to the media exposure, more people have become aware of what is has to offer. MSNBC and USA Today have also noted the value of this treatment.

    The positive media reviews it has received have likely raised people’s confidence in the treatment.



      • The two-pronged approach offers a unique and new approach to dealing with acne.
      • The capsule supplement is made of all-natural ingredients.
      • Produced by a well known name brand.
      • Works relatively quickly.



      • The product might be a bit costly.
      • No free shipping options for online orders.


    Click Here To Visit Acnezine’s Official Website



    No one wants to remain suffering from the annoying problem of acne. However, acne can be a little difficult to get rid due to its stubborn nature.

    This is why a product such as Acnezine is such a welcome release. It might very well offer a solution that was previously elusive.

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    1. Kim says:

      Great review! Revitol is a famous skin care products company. They have a lot of great products. One of them is Acnezine. I’ve heard a lot of reviews that it helped to many people to get rid of acne.

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