Slendex Review – Pros And Cons Of This Cellulite Cream Exposed

Product's Name: Slendex
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Possible Side Effects
Bottom Line : 2 /5 - Terrible
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Reviewed by: Lesa Mitchell on March 26, 2013

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Please note: you shouldn't take Slendex Appetite Control when your pregnant or breastfeeding

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You may wish to skip my Slendex review and just save yourself a lot of time and money. No, you would not be saving yourself time and money not reading the review. (Okay, you would save some time, but the review is free).

Your savings would come in from not wasting money on what just might be the absolute worst of the worst as far as anti cellulite creams on the market go. Really, you can do a lot better than this cream.


Let Me Cut To The Chase

I am going to get right to the point here: Slendex gets a full negative two stars. Yes, you read that correctly: NEGATIVE TWO, as in MINUS two stars.

There are just some products that really should never see the light of day that find their way to the shelves of a retail store or on a website promoting its sale.

However, some really less than desirable skin and healthcare products do get released and with the right marketing campaign, they may very well attract a number of curious customers. This does not even remotely make the products worth very much.

The quality the product delivers should always be the sole indicator of its value. The sad fact here is that for all its costs, Slendex has nothing good to offer.


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What Is Slendex?

Slendex is a unique product, I will give it that much. Actually, it is two different products. The first one would be an appetite suppressant which, quite honestly, those looking to remove cellulite from their skin will not be at all interested in.

If you are interested in it, that is fine. If not, you would be doing little more than wasting a lot of money on purchasing it.

The other item would be the Anti Cellulite Crackle Gel. (Some versions of the cream come in the ridiculous form of a mousse) The inclusion of the word crackle probably should be a red flag.

It just seems to draw attention to the product in a gimmicky kind of way and not in a manner that would benefit anyone looking to truly find a valuable product that just might be able to get rid of troubling cellulite.

The problem is you may not experience anywhere near as close to the results that are being claimed by the manufacturer. Worse yet, you might not experience any results at all.


The Issue Of Celebrity Endorsements

It is not exactly a secret that Slendex has received quite a bit of its notoriety thanks to celebrity endorsements. Now, this is certainly not anything new. Celebrities have been endorsing products for years and years.

The problem with these endorsements is they are not exactly scientific in nature. Celebrities can basically say anything and this does not necessarily mean that there will be clear or definitive results gained for the consumer using it.

In other words, if you are seeking credible research, you will not find it in a celebrity endorsement. It is a lot wiser to look into results from clinical studies or other such credible reports.


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The ingredients in this cream are a bit of the oddball variety. The stack includes pink pepper, red algae and microalgae. What all this is supposed to do is anyone’s guess.



    • This is a fairly easy product to order and online orders can be processed
    • The cost is not too outrageous



    • Anyone looking for effectiveness will be sorely disappointed
    • The gel and foam can be annoying to rub into the skin


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Last Words

Do not waste your money. There are quite a number of anti-cellulite creams on the market and many are a lot of better products on the market and it is best to look towards those instead. It is never easy to get rid of the presence of cellulite even when the cream you are using is made by a high quality manufacturer.

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