What Are The Common Causes Of Acne Scars?

What causes acne scars?

If you are seriously interested in making sure your skin is clear, you will want to know the answer this this question. Learning the answer will come with another benefit: it will help you curtail any actions that might end up contributing to worsening the condition of your skin.


Acne And Acne Scars

Is there anything worse than acne? Yes, there may very well be something far worse than the presence of blemishes on the skin. This would be the issue of acne scars. Why would acne scars be far worse than acne itself.

Well, a pimple may stay on the skin for a week or two. An acne scar might end up remaining on the skin for months. A series of scars could remain on the skin for upwards of a full year. Not only will these scars remain on the skin, there will surely be new pimples popping up because nothing has been done to actually get rid of them.

Certainly, this is not beneficial to anyone hoping to clear up their skin.


The Number One Cause Of Acne

As much as many refuse to accept the following fact, it is true. The most common reason for acne scars will be the improper actions taken by the person suffering from acne. In particular, the cause will be the result of squeezing, popping, cutting, or picking at acne lesion.

Yes, there may be situations where a pimple on its own heals and leaves a scar on the skin. However, the most common reasons why scars remain on the skin would be the fact the person suffering from acne took the very wrongheaded steps to lacerate the pimple.

Why would someone do this? There are a few reasons.


Getting Rid Of The Pimple

When a large pimple with a whitehead appears on the skin, it is a common reaction to squeeze the pimple and get the pus out. This can, in some cases, lead to the pimple drying up rather quickly. However, this might not be the case in all instances.

The pimple could end up turning into a scar. The pimple might not go away soon after popping. It might remain inflamed in the skin. This can lead to further squeezing of the pimple for the purpose of drawing blood. Such actions could lead to scarring.


To Alleviate The Pain Of The Pimple

Certain pimples can be very painful. Cystic pimples would be among the most painful. The issue with these pimples is the pores may be clogged several layers below the skin. This can create a large and painful pimple.

The clogged pore might not be easily popped. So, squeezing is replaced by scratching and cutting. Some may even stick pins in such pimples. Scabs may form by the pain and inflammation remains.

Tearing away the scab and bleeding out the pimple then becomes a very wrongheaded strategy the afflicted will take. Tearing away scabs is definitely going to lead to major scarring over a larger mass of the skin surface.

Dealing with the annoyance of the pain becomes the first priority. Worrying about scars is simply not thought about until it is too late.


The Psychological Addiction To Popping Pimples

For some, there is a sort of pathological addiction to squeezing and popping pimples. They will see the pimples on their skin and have to pop them. Doing so may alleviate stress which can be a major motivating factor in the actions they take.

Some might even run their hands across their skin looking for hidden pimples to pop and squeeze. This all may be related to an anxiety disorder which is being left untreated. While a slight amount of anxiety may be revealed from such actions, the scars created will remain on the skin and could remain there for quite some time.

This can create a vicious cycle or further anxiety because now one has to contend with the visually displeasing presence of these annoying scars.


Through Your Own Actions Comes Acne Scars

While the assessment may be a blunt one, the truth is the bulk of the acne scars people suffer from are the result of their own actions. Cutting and squeezing pimples will have an effect and this effect will be scarring.

The more pimples irritated through picking and squeezing, the greater the development of scars will be. Solution? Use proper products that will help you to get rid / cure acne the right way.

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