Why Do Teenagers Get Acne?

Among the very worst things a teenager can deal with would be rampant and out of control acne. Sadly, many teenagers do have to deal with the presence of acne during a very sensitive time in their life when they are self-conscious about everything.

A minor amount of acne may be easy to deal. However, a great many teenagers will have to suffer from the presence of a massive amount of acne on the face, back and even arms and legs.

The question so many will ask is “Why do teenagers get acne?” There are a few reasons why teenagers may suffer from acne.It is well worth looking closer at the reasons so as to address ways in which this skin condition can be treated.

Hormonal Changes

The most common reason why teenagers get acne is because of hormonal changes as an adolescent enters into puberty. The reason that pimples appear on the skin is because the pores of the skin become clogged with too much sebum which is the oil that lubricates the skin.

While going through puberty, a teen’s hormonal changes could contribute to the increased production of sebum. This overload can lead to the presence of all those annoying pimples on the skin.

Genetic Factors

There are also quite a number of genetic factors that can contribute an answer as to why do teenagers get acne. Commonly, if your parents or others in your family line suffer from acne then the odds are likely you will suffer from it as well.

This outcome may be exacerbated during puberty when the hormonal changes contribute to the aforementioned increase in sebum.

Athletics Can Lead To Clogged Pores

Teenagers can be very much into athletics. When you compete in High School sports, you will be taken part in some fairly strenuous exercise sessions. That means you will be doing a lot of sweating and with all that sweat comes the potential for the pores to become heavily clogged.

Once the pores are clogged then pimples may appear on the skin. Now, this is not to suggest any teenagers should drop out of their athletic programs. Rather, it is suggested that teens prone to dealing with acne shower off all that excessive sweat on the skin to reduce the pore clogging it can cause.

Not All Teens Will Suffer From Acne

It might be a little misleading to refer to acne breakouts as “teen acne” is doing so could infer that all teens will suffer from the presence of acne. There will be those teens that never have to deal with acne breakouts at any time in their life.

Why is this the case? Once again, different teens will have different genetic makeups and hereditary chains. As a result, the body will react differently during puberty so some may not experience any acne while others could suffer from severe acne breakouts.

Those that do suffer from the presence of acne on the skin may wish to explore viable treatment options for dealing with the condition.

The ClearPores Treatment Solution

An excellent new system known as ClearPores brings forth a possible solution to the troubling problem of acne breakouts in teens. ClearPores offers all-natural ingredients that have the capability of reversing the troubling presence of clogged pores, blemishes, blackheads, and pimples.

ClearPores offers a multifaceted approach to the problem. The first stage would be a daily supplement to provide a dietary solution to aid in addressing acne problems. The second would be a topical facial wash solution that serves the purpose of eliminating the presence of acne from the skin.

A second topical solution is also provided to help prevent future breakouts from occurring.

No One Wants to Deal with Acne as a Teen

Why do teenagers get acne? There are scores of reasons. Regardless of the reasons, you do want to take the steps to get rid of the problem. ClearPores and a few lifestyle changes could lead to such a result.

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