FAQ About Acne

What Is Acne?

Basically, acne (pimples) is the result of clogged pores. The pores become clogged when increased oil production traps dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells in the pores. The pores become clogged as a result.


What Causes Acne?

While there is a lot of speculation as to what causes acne, no one really knows. Generally, hormonal changes that cause the body to produce more sebum is frequently blamed. However, there may be other factors that can contribute to the development of acne breakouts.

We do know that bacteria is definitely a contributor to the onset of acne.


Are There Different Types Of Acne?

Yes, there are different forms in which acne can take. You have blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules, and nodules and cysts. Blackheads are clogged pores that are exposed to open air.

This turns the clogging sebum black. Whiteheads are like blackheads but they are under the epidermis meaning they are not open or exposed to air. They are also not totally blockages of the pore. They occur when the pore is narrowed or partially clogged.

Papules and pustules are what people mostly think of when the term pimple is mentioned. These pimples are inflamed and occur when a whitehead is very swollen.

The pore can also become filled with pus when white blood cells try to repair the inflammation. Nodules and cysts are serious forms of acne and they entail a deep rupturing of the acne.

Also, some might consider Rosacea as the form of acne too. You can find out more about Rosacea causes here


Why Are Some Pimples Bright Red?

This is basically inflammation of the pimple. Either the pimple is naturally inflamed or touching or picking at it has made it that way.


Can Acne Be Eliminated Solely Through Washing It With Soap And Water?

Correct washing of the skin will eliminate oils and bacteria that can cause acne. However, when you already have serious acne breakouts, washing alone likely will not make it go away. Frequent and harsh washing can even make it worse.

There special anti-bacteria soaps designed for people suffering from acne. These soaps can help target the bacteria which may be causing the acne breakout.


Is The Face The Only Area You Can Get Acne?

No, acne can appear on the neck, the arms or legs, the back, posterior and the scalp. Some have even experienced acne appearing in “odd” places such as the toes.


Are Only Teenagers Prone To Getting Acne?

Absolutely not! Adult acne is a problem that is more common that you would think. Adults can get severe acne just as much as teenagers can. One of the main differences between adult acne and the acne teenagers face is adults may get acne on the scalp or back more than the face.

So, you will not visibly see the acne as you would with a teenager.


Can Acne Get Worse If It Is Not Treated?

The answer to this depends on the severity of the acne one is suffering from. In some instances, not treating acne can lead it to getting worse. It might even find its way deeper into the skin making it harder to treat.


Can Acne Lead To Scarring?

Several forms of acne such as nodules can lead to scarring on their own. Less severe forms of acne may not lead to scarring but the chances of scarring increases dramatically when popping or picking at the pimples.

While this is a common practice on the part of many people, it is a bad idea as it can cause infections, spread acne and lead to the aforementioned scarring.


What Do Over The Counter Acne Creams Do?

Basically, these creams clean out the pores of dirt and bacteria. They are also employed to dry out the pimple leading it to shrink away. The effectiveness of over the counter creams will depend upon the seriousness of the acne breakout.


What Can A Dermatologist Do To Help Eliminate Acne?

A dermatologist will commonly prescribe topical antibiotic creams and/or oral antibiotic capsules. These are designed to help address the bacteria which may be contributing to the acne breakouts.

There are other treatments a dermatologist can employ. For cystic acne that is painful, the doctor may inject cortisone into the pimple via a needle. This can cause the severe inflammation to rapidly subside.


Are There Any Specific Products Or Brands Someone Suffering From Acne Should Use?

Different acne sufferers will likely have different recommendations but there have been positive reports about Clear Skin MAX making it a product that is worth looking closer at.


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