FAQ About Cellulite

What Is Cellulite?

Basically, cellulite can be described as a problem with the connective tissue. In essence, fat deposits develop near the connective tissue and this leads to a change in the look of the skin and not for the better.


Do Both Men And Women Develop Cellulite?

It is true that both men and women can end up with cellulite deposits. However, women will be far more prone to it than men. This is why so many products designed to treat cellulite are targeted towards women.

However, it would be completely inaccurate to say that only women can develop cellulite.


Why Don’t Men Develop Cellulite As Much As Women?

Men metabolize and store fat in a slightly different manner. This reduces their potential to develop cellulite.


How Can You Tell If You Have Cellulite?

The appearance of cellulite would be very difficult to miss. It would be the strange cottage cheese like appearance the skin takes as fat deposits mix with the connective tissues under the skin.

Many may worry about their weight but always feel they can drop a few pounds. However, the presence of cellulite is unnerving because it can significantly detract from appearance.

While cellulite is certainly not a disease, it can look that way to those unfamiliar with it.


Is Cellulite More Common Than Most People Realize?

The answer may prove surprising but cellulite is a problem faced by far, far more people than you would imagine. It is true that roughly over 90% of women over the age of 20 will end up developing some cellulite.

How significant the presence of cellulite is will depend on genetics, lifestyle, diet and other factors.


Can Lifestyle Choices Cause Cellulite?

Most definitely, certain practices in life have the potential to lead a person to develop cellulite. Obviously, those that eat too much will discover they are adding the unwanted fat deposits that contribute to unwanted and unappealing cellulite.

However, there are other lifestyle choices which can do so as well. The effects of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, for example, could contribute to the onset of cellulite.


Do Hormones Play A Role In The Onset Of Cellulite?

Yes, hormonal changes are among the main reasons why someone will develop cellulite. This can be among the most annoying causes because unlike making changes to one’s lifestyle, the ability to alter genetics and to predict or reverse the body’s hormonal shifts are next to impossible.


Are There Different Types Of Cellulite?

Yes, there are different ways in which cellulite can manifest on the body. Compact cellulite would be among the most common and older women suffer from it the most. It is distinguishable from its hardened appearance.

There is also a form of waterly cellulite that has a lot of fluid associated with it. Spread cellulite has less fluid and a lot of fat. It is common to the thighs and buttocks region.

Localized cellulite can be considered a minor amount of cellulite in a particular area.


Are There Ways To Prevent The Onset Of Cellulite?

To a certain extent, there are preventive steps which can be taken to keep cellulite from developing. Since cellulite is based on the presence of fat, a quality diet, proper amount of exercise and drinking water in proper amounts each day can help keep calorie intake down and the metabolism raised.

This will have a major effect on reducing body fat. Be forewarned, genetics do play a role in the onset of cellulite and this can sometimes make it unavoidable.


Is There A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure For Getting Rid Of Cellulite?

Yes, there are quite a number of cosmetic surgeons that specialize in helping women suffering from cellulite. However, the costs of such a surgical procedure is so significant that many women do not even seriously consider having it done.

The price of such a procedure is simply well out of their range of affordability.


Are There Creams That Can Be Used To Treat Cellulite?

There are numerous cellulite creams on the market that make claims about being able to treat the condition. Some creams will invariably be better than others. It is suggested to read consumer reviews and testimonials prior to making any purchases.

Good/Solid brands you can try are: Revitol, Dermology, Slendex

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